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Not sure how to float – Here are a few things to remember prior to floating to make your experience as blissful as possible:

  • Avoid waxing and/or shaving within 12 hours of your float therapy session at Drift Float Studio Edmonton Sherwood Park. Due to the high concentration of salt in the water it can be irritating to freshly waxed or shaved skin.
  • We provide individual sized petroleum jelly for you to use to cover small cuts and reduce irritation.
  • Eat a small, easily digestible meal around 2 hours before your float.  The rumbles in your stomach (from over eating or under eating) can seem loud and/or annoying in the pod.
  • Arrive a little bit early to use the washroom prior to floating. This way you won’t have to leave your blissful pod mid-float.
  • Cigarettes and caffeine are stimulants and it is best to avoid both prior to floating to avoid being jittery prior to entering the pod.
  • We have most items you will need pre and post float (towels, robes, earplugs, petroleum jelly, body wash, shampoo, conditioner) but if you wear contacts, bring your case and solution.
  • Take a pre float shower in your private float room, Use the body wash and shampoo. Do not use the conditioner until after your float, this will help us keep oils out of the pods.

During Your Float
Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your float:

  • After your pre float shower, insert the earplugs into your ears. This will prevent salt water getting in your ears. You may float without them, we also provide a vinegar water solution to help dissolve the salt post float.
  • Enter into the pod and lie down. Music will play for the first 5 minutes of your float to help your mind ease.
  • If you have a hard time “letting go” start with consciously taking deep breaths. Observe your breath but allow it to naturally happen
  • Find a float position that is most comfortable for you. The most common positions are palms down , with your arms at your sides or palms up, with your arms over your head.
  • Some even prefer their hands behind their heads.
  • Reset. Acknowledge the thoughts that naturally come into your head and dismiss them. Let it go!
  • Our brains are used to using 90% of its capacity dealing with external stimuli. The pods try to eliminate most of those distractions to allow your mind to be free.

Post Float

  • Music will fade in again to let you know your float is nearing its end.
  • Once the music stops, step out of the pod and take a quick shower, get dressed and exit your float room.
  • Vanity rooms are there for you to beautify yourself after your float. We provide blow dryers and hair straighteners, but if you have any special products you like, please bring them with you.
  • Sit in our lounge, have some tea or water, write in our float journal and enjoy your post float glow.