what if I’m claustrophobic?

The Float Pod is designed with an easily operable door and light. If you choose, you may float with the door opened or closed and the light on or off. The benefits you will gain from the zero gravity environment and the absorption of magnesium sulfate through your skin will still be felt. Being in the pod is more comparable to floating in outer space than being in a tight, closed area.

is the water clean?
Our water is fully filtered 3 times between each float, passing through a 1 micron filter (a human hair is 75 microns!). The Epsom salt in the pod is also a natural sterilizing agent. Additionally the pods are equipped with UV and Ozone sanitation systems that deliver extremely sterile water.

can I drown?
No. Even if you fall asleep, the water’s extreme buoyancy keeps you afloat.

do I wear a bathing suit?
You may wear one if you choose, although we highly recommend you float in the nude. Each room is private for your own individual use and the pods are equipped with a call button and intercom system should you need any assistance from our staff.

can I float if I’m pregnant?
Pregnant women love floating! We recommend you lie on your belly with your hands under your chin to relieve all of the weight of the baby from the mother’s body. We do recommend you consult with your physician before coming in.

can I float if I’m menustrating? 
Yes, follow the same protocol you would for a swimming pool.

can I float if I just dyed my hair?
Our aim is to keep our pods chemical free and clean. We don’t have any guarantee that the salt won’t strip your hair of it’s fresh colour, so we recommend that you wait until your hair in the shower at home is running clear prior to coming in.

do I need to bring anything?
We provide the essentials you will need for your float from beginning to end (towels, robes, earplugs, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, blow dryers, hair straighteners). If you have special hair products or makeup you use, feel free to bring them as well as a comb or brush. Also, if you wear contacts bring a case for them while you are in the pod.

is it safe to be in salt water that long?
Absolutely! The Epsom salt we use is pharmaceutical grade Magnesium Sulfate. The salt is extremely detoxifying and brings along with it many therapeutic health benefits such as regulating your blood pressure, regulating the activity of over 300 enzymes, reducing inflammation and helping muscle and nerve function.

do I have to stay in the pod the entire time?
You are in full control of your float and may exit at any time you wish. Most people report that the 60 minutes goes by way faster than they initially thought and with each successive float, you will be able to relax more and more quickly.

do you have a cancellation policy?
Please review our cancellation policy HERE before booking.